So what about the creepy crawly’s?

So in the last post we talked about the treatment of animals being raised solely for their produce.

However one subject I did want to touch on around this and more specifically targeted to those (more than likely vegetarians and vegans) who do not agree and feel these acts of raising and murdering is so wrong.

So what about our creepy crawly and flying friends that we call insects?

I see practically everyone kill these creatures, whether its that fly in the kitchen, the mosquito in the room, the bee on the floor, the spider in the bathroom or other.

It seems to be completely ok to do these things, and no one ever has a problem with this, including these people who think animal cruelty is a Sin. (now i am well enough educated to know that an animal such as a cow and an insect such as a fly is very different)

However if we get down to it, they just like a beef filled friends are nature and part of the environment. People often go even further with this by having pest control carried out on their house or commercial property.

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with this or eve killing insects, I am simply bringing this idea to the forefront. Are Vegetarians going to start Beef Control inside their homes or supermarkets spraying chemicals that don’t allow meat to enter the shops or their homes? haha I don’t think so, but you get the point.

I feel this is an interesting series of thoughts.

Nature and Animals

There is massive debate in the world at the moment about the treatment of nature and more specifically animals.

Why is this? Because many animals are raised and treated simply for their products they are able to produce such as eggs and cheese, and worse off for their meat.

The debate is obviously between those who disagree with current conditions and the overall way the system is run, (often these people are vegetarian or vegan) and those who have no problems with eating meat and see no problems in the way in which the system is set up.

Both parties could talk for hours (and I am sure many of them do) actually its probably more like a heated discussion than a talk.

But who is right? In the end it will come done to personal preference, however what is missing in all of this and what often makes these acts so Sinly, is the lack of education around this issue and a choice or preference still being made.

Many turn a blind eye and pretend that them eating meat has no effect on the world full knowing what effects this is having on the environment and animals, some have no clue whatsoever (uneducated) and still simply go about their ways, and others are to stubborn in them being right and being fixated in what they learn and share (these are often the non meat eaters, who think they know it all)

One way or another Sins are being carried out, but it simply matters which seat you sit in. What are your thoughts?

A Museum of Sin in Sydney

Check out this in a Sydney Museum at the moment.

They have called the display: Sin City (catchy name hey.. would make a great movie title…)
Let us briefly explain what Sin City at the Museum is:

In the second part of the 20th Century, Sydney was full of crime (organised) and the city had a grip held on it, with corruption all around, and infiltration of politics, law and justice.
It was therefore only fitting that the name “Sin City” became nickname for Sydney.

With focus from the 30’s to the 1940’s. The exhibition in Sydney examines crime, people and traders from bookmakers to narcotic dealers and illegal casinos to name a few. Sydney has been dubbed as having¬†un-rivalled¬†tolerance for organised crime.

Follow this Link to read all about it

Where do we begin….hmm lets see

So Where do we begin with this Sin blog.
Well how about some definitions and some explanations… That will help us to create a picture of what is going on.

So What is the definition of Sin. Well Sin, as defined by the dictionary is:
“an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law” put in other words ” An act that goes against divine law”

What are some examples of Sin that help to create this? Good thing you asked, check these puppies out:


What is the deal with the Number 13 anyway. Let us find that out too.
With the assistance of our good friend Wikipedia here is some light on this matter:

The number 13 or unlucky number 13 (in some countries) actually ahs a recognised phobia to it where poeple are genuinely afraid of the number.
In this instance people avoid teh number 13 at all costs, from labels to hotel floors, to the number of people sitting at a table.

But Why?
Well no one actually knows but here are a few theories behind it.

  1. The Last Supper – Jesus joined by 12 Apostles (13 People to a table) with one of whom betraying Jesus.
  2. Knights Templar – Friday 13th after ordering of Arrest, knights were kileld and tortured.
  3. Full Moons – Calenders become problematic with 1 3th full moon every so often which made Monks planning harder.
  4. A lunar cult – Relating to cycles of the year (menstrual).


Welcome to Sin13

Between the word Sin and the Number 13,
This sounds like this would be a pretty dark place for your browser to end up, hey…

And well maybe you are partially right.

None the less, Welcome to Sin 13.
What is Sin 13 you ask?

Well Sin 13 touches base on some of the ‘Sinly’ things that are happening in the world.
At no means to put down certain persons/people, actions or events, instead simply for information and discussion purposes.

There is just something however that is so interesting about the Idea of crime, corruption and more, and trying to create a view of it in your own eyes.
What may surpirse you however on this site, is a lighter side to Sin and The Number 13.

Anyway that is enough for now, keep updated with what’s happening right here, right now