Criminal Lawyers for Robbery or Stealing in Perth

Monetary benefits motivate most of the criminal offences, and that leads a person to involve in various types of activities like burglary, stealing or robbery. Culprits commit these kinds of crimes as a shortcut method of earning goods or money from others. It is a very common criminal activity found in any part of the world. From subtle to extremely high level, these types of illegal activities occur every day.

Commonly theft is considered as taking the property of a person against their willing. The rightful owner of that property can file a case with the help of criminal lawyers Perth who are committed to providing full justice. The cases of theft and robberies are much higher than any other offences in court. So there is an enormous scope of career if a lawyer is interested in studying criminal law. From a low-level stealing of wallet or watch to a significant level robbery, everything is motivated by the money earning. A list is provided below to inform you about these types of offences.


Robbery considers as a violent activity of taking away the property of a person with the help of a lethal weapon. It occurs by putting a person in fear of life, so he/she will surrender everything that they have. The threat of force is used in this type of crime to steal. The massive scale of violence is involved while robbing a person that may also lead to the life threat. Robbery is a serious issue of law and order so crime solicitors Perth can help victims by providing lifetime imprisonment to the culprit.


Burglary is a different type of criminal offence and cannot be considered as the robbery because it is an act of silent trespassing through a building or house for various motives. The intentions of burglar may vary from each other but stealing of property is the primary purpose. It needs a proper study of targeted building and victim to commit this type of crime. The burglar motivated by a particular kind of property kept on building in the form of any vehicle, electronics, gold or money, etc. A person can also be proved as a trespasser even if he/she comes inside the building with permission but with criminal intentions. The criminal solicitor Perth can help you to give justice from these types of trespassers.


Fraud considered as a criminal activity that involves obtaining money or property of a person by misguiding them. In this kind of crime, the victim is fooled by not telling the truth or partial truth only. It includes obtaining somebody’s property without explaining all the terms and conditions. Fraud is a serious level criminal offence in which criminal attorney Perth can help the victim by giving back their property and sentencing the culprit in prison for maximum ten years. Frauds are those people who first of all gain the trust of targeted person and then acquire their property or money without even informing them. It also occurs at large levels where one party agreed for paying money for the completion of a task, but other one fooled them by not doing it.

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